promotes community shopping events such as sidewalk sales and antique shop hops.

As such, is here for the sole purpose of helping people find community shopping events in Iowa.  We are super-excited to be helping small town small businesses in Iowa promote their event participation.

What is a community shopping event?  We define a community shopping event as 3 or more retail businesses in 3 or more locations coming together to offer shoppers a unique shopping event.

We define community two ways.  #1 is geographic, such as a city , town, or a particular region of our state.  #2 is niche-based, such as quilt shops, antique shops, a bike run, or other similar products/services. is a site for sore eyes.  If you’re tired of sites promoting only individual stores, or an individual store’s sale, or only coupons or promotions, you’ve come to the wrong place. always puts shoppers first and caters to people wanting to know where to go for multi-store shopping.

Who do we work with?  Virtually any organization who is promoting a community shopping event.  Examples are crazy days, ridiculous days, sidewalk sales, quilt shop hops, ABATE bar to bar motorcycle ride, etc.

How do we make money?  Good question. (my wife, is wondering the same!)


Anything else is fair game.  So, if you are participating in an event promoted on, and you want to highlight your store’s unique offer during a promoted that event, we’d love to talk to you.  Pricing is likely to change, but for the foreseeable future, it’s just a flat rate of $25!