Back Alley Ambrosia in Osage IowaShop ’til you drink is possible at Emerson’s Clothing in Osage, Iowa.

Amateurs shop ’til they drop, professionals shop ’til they drink!

How is this possible?  Well, the owners of Emerson’s Clothing in Osage, Iowa, Ken and Diane Emerson, also own Back Alley Ambrosia.

Back Alley Ambrosia is a wine bar located at the rear of the clothing store.  So, after shopping throughout Emerson’s massive 4-level fashion emporium, you can stumble out the back door and onto the Back Alley Ambrosia patio.  There, you can kick back and relax on the patio in a most comfortable chair while sipping down a great wine or other alcoholic beverage.

If you have really shopped up an appetite, you can get a Pasquale’s Pizza to stave off having to go home and cook supper.  How sweet is that!