“No doubt, I have the biggest used DVD selection in Iowa.” He (used-item store owner) tried to convince me.  I told him I’ve seen a lot of DVD collections and that’s a hard one to call.

There are tons, and I mean tons, of used DVDs available in Iowa.  As someone who’s been to at least half of the the stores that carry them, I can say his selection is one of the biggest, but not necessarily the biggest.

But, this is all beside the point.  He laughed at me when I suggested he set himself apart by organizing the DVDs so customers, or prospects rather, can find what they’re looking for, faster.  He said that would take way to much time to keep on top of that, especially since customers are constantly shuffling titles around.

So, basically, he’s not willing to spend his time shuffling around the DVDs, but forces his prospects to shuffle through them!

Be customer focused.

How about this advertisement, “Thousands of DVDs, organized to help you find what you’re looking for, Faster!”

As a customer reading this, what do you think?